You are already familiar with the difference between configuration and development – that is, configuration is the adaptation of an already developed functionality.

But regardless of whether it is configuration or the development of new functionality, it is critically important that the newly developed and/or configured functionality can be integrated with other systems – particularly with ERP-systems. For just as no man is an island, warehouse logistics is no isolated function either.

It may be easy to assume that the developer of an ERP-system would be the best at employing a logistics function to their own system, but in many cases the primary focus is on the economical engine, such that logistics is but an addition. This does not mean that additional modules are a bad solution necessarily, but based on experience from cooperating with ERP-suppliers, we know that integrating the ERP-engine with a dedicated WMS-solution is very often the best solution for all parties – not least because it makes later upgrades to the ERP-system significantly easier.


In many instances, configuration of Axacon WMS would be the right solution, adapted to the individual company’s needs. Simply put, with Axacon WMS we can enable or disable functionality to suit your needs.

In other words, it is a solution that can grow alongside you, without the need to begin with a solution that does too much. And when the need arises, we won’t need to first develop and test new functionality unless highly specialized functionality is required, but simply to configure the system to follow your new needs. This could be e.g. expanded documentation and traceability.


It is vital that all new functionality that may be enabled already exists and is in use by other companies.

Does your company have some entirely unique requirements, naturally we can also develop brand new functionality tailored to your needs. But with our many years of focus on, and experience with, dedicated warehouse logistics, it is likelyy that our dedicated WMS can be configured to your needs and thereby eliminate the need for a larger development project.

Naturally we develop continuously on the platform in general, so even though the configuration oftentime with both be the most practical and the quickest to implement, we always have the development of new funtionality on the radar.


Even though Axacon can be easily configured as a stand-alone application, our solution obviously – and this is more the rule than the exception – integrates directly with an ERP-system. And so long as there in integration and intercommunication, which is almost always possible, then your total dividend will be optimized digital processes around warehouse management that accommodate the specific needs that your business has.