Warehouse Management System

Axacon WMS

Get 100 % control of all goods and materials from receiving to shipping

Axacon WMS is an intelligent warehouse management system. It provides the ability to control and administer all the processes that happen in a warehouse - from the arrival of the materials to the shipping. You will always have a full overview of your storage and stock no matter if the goods are in the warehouse or during transit. It makes your daily work easier and the employees on the floor can work more efficiently.


Our solution consists of


For the staff

Axacon WMS efficiently manages and prioritizes the staff and tasks. You can reduce time wasted on planning when you allow the WMS to guide the staff through their tasks with a high amount of security which leads to fewer mistakes.


For management

Axacon WMS gives a precise overview of what has happened and what needs to be done in the warehouse. It allows management to make more qualified decisions. The information is very valuable. It enables you to change priorities and workflows in time.

A solution for all types of warehouses

Axacon WMS can be modified to fit the complexity of the warehouse

Good standard solution, that you can build on

Basic contains: 

  • Receiving items
  • Returning items
  • Placement
  • Direct storing
  • Replenishment
  • Order picking
  • Item/location overview
  • Count and control
  • Live reservation
  • Packing and shipping


A solution for industry-specific needs

Advanced contains:

Everything from Basic and:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Inspection
  • Consolidation
  • Third-party logistics
  • Production
  • Standard integration
  • Traceability
  • History
  • Priority
  • Order management
  • Inspection
  • Location management


A powerful solution for companies with multiple sites

Enterprise contains:

Everything from Advanced and:

    • Multiple item ownership
    • Multiple sites
    • Multiple languages
    • Pick-by-voice
    • Pick-by-light
    • Registration of services
    • Wireless
    • Storage machine management
    • DMVO-integration
    • Parts lists
    • Sales accounting
    • Owners accounting
    • Transport management
    • Expiration date management
    • Batch number management
    • Variant code management
    • Serial number management
    • SKU-control

Is anything missing?

Many warehouses has common features, but no warehouse is completely the same. Axacon WMS can be designed and configured to exactly fit your company's need.

“Axacon understands what it means to be a medium-sized business. They understand all the challenges we face all the way down to the floor of the warehouse"

“We had our rate of mistakes reduced significantly, and we also got a far better overview of how long it takes to pick the daily orders"

"We can easily monitor how far along we are when we are packing our sales orders. It means a lot when we are working on 10-15 customers at a time."