Axacon’s mission is to be the agile and competent partner, skilled in creating logistics solutions that support our customers’ business. We see our customers as close partners, because we over a number of years have developed and optimised one of the market’s leading warehouse management software platforms.

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A strategic partnership

We enter into partnerships which grown and remain value-creating. Yes, we are suppliers of WMS, but we view your internal logistics as a central part of your company. A critical link that is constantly under development, and which we continuously optimize together to strengthen it and make it a well-oiled link in your value-chain.

Local superusers

The training of local superusers is absolutely central. Some of your key employees will not simply be trained in the operation of Axacon WMS in the work day, but will achieve a far greater insight into the workings of its engine. This will give you a number of immediate advantages.

Firstly, you will have an in-house support team in this way, who in the long term will have the skills to troubleshoot and solve problems on-site, should any such arise. Additionally, our experienced consultants are of course also ready to step up if necessary.

It’s an ongoing process, and a journey that can go in numerous directions. We want to be part of your journey and to help you safely reach your goal with a digital WMS-solution.