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Axacon is your agile partner in the digital world of logistics so you can scale your business


With live updates of all goods handling in the warehouse, you will always be certain what and how much you have in stock. You thereby ensure that you, by means of correct status on stocks and orders, always will be delivering a high level of service to your customers.

Your employees in the warehouse work efficiently and will never go in vain. They can work across flows from reception and put-away to pick and pack – without the risk of making mistakes.

It’s one thing to have control of the stock
Another to document it


Full documentation of all goods handling and storage ensures that you can live up to requirements from customers, partners and authorities.

When our customers who work with pharma, medico and foodstuffs know that this part is under control, it naturally frees up their focus to allow optimizing and scaling the company.

Stort varelager med reoler fra gulv til loft i begge sider håndteret af Axacon WMS


“Axacon WMS is the cornerstone in the system landscape
we have available to run our warehouse logistics.”

– Thomas Mikkelsen, Head of Logistics IT


Implementation is done via a tailor-made configuration which takes your exact needs into account. When that changes we can expand with thoroughly tested functionality.

MAKI has experienced explosive growth and has been able to handle this with the help of good planning and Axacon WMS as a central part of the company.

Mand står ved hævet skrivebord. Foran ham er en computerskræm med programmeringskode  i gang med at tilpasse Axacon WMS
Mand i skjorte og jakke sidder foran skrivebord med stol og fortæller om Axacon WMS


“We were met with a new demand from a customer who had changed their business model, which introduced some new requirements from our system with regards to documentation and handling.”

– Bjarke West Pedersen, CEO

Get constantly updated stock overview
Scale with your growth
Maximise service levels


Integration with ERP is often crucial for success, but Axacon WMS is also ready to integrate with a number of other systems and to be the pivot point that binds together the data flow and provides an overview.

Listen to Peter Høgh describe how MAKI has built their integration between Navision, Axacon WMS and Consignor.

It’s not just an IT project
It’s a business project
That strengthens your competitiveness