Henriksen Shipping A/S has kept with the times and adapted to meet demands for almost a hundred years.

Henriksen Shipping A/S was established in 1934 and has, for the almost one hundred years since, managed to keep with the times and adapt when internal and external business processes as well as outside circumstances have created a need for renewal. This was also the case as some of the company’s 3PL-customers made changes to their ERP-systems and business models, which, among others, required detailed traceability and documentation.

To be able to deliver this business critical documentation, it was necessary to digitalize a number of processes in the company’s workflow, and it quickly became clear that Axacon WMS was the right solution, as it could both deliver the required functions and be implemented in a relatively short time. The initial meetings took place in November, the specifications were defined in December, the WMS-integration began in January, and in March, A. Henriksen Shipping A/S was ready to accommodate the new requirements with Axacon WMS.

In fact, A. Henriksen Shipping had already taken the initial steps on their digitalization journey with a scanner solution as well as screens on their warehouse trucks. All these components could – just like their customers’ ERP-systems – be integrated with Axacon WMS, and it was therefore not necessary to purchase new hardware for the warehouse. This contributed to keeping costs down and ensured that otherwise functional equipment did not need to be scrapped, which of course would have been a step in the wrong direction regarding sustainability.

Upgrading the Internal Logistics Management

Aside from being able to deliver detailed information about customers’ inventory, storage and handling, Axacon today also gives employees an assortment of definite advantages i the daily workflow.

As an example, it used to be necessary to specify exactly which pallets were to be picked in the warehouse when an order was to be shipped, but with Axacon WMS the warehouse employee freely chooses which pallets with the items in question to pick.

The difference is that Axacon is a dedicated WMS solution, where the company used to use an addition-module to their SAP ERP-system, which in their case meant heavier and less flexible daily workflows.

A Forward-Facing, Scalable Solution

During the specification process, A. Henriksen Shipping also got a look at what Axacon WMS is really capable of. It wasn’t necessary to integrate the largest possible solution from day one, but already during this process, the company spotted some oppotunities in the WMS-system that made it so an expansion was decided regarding the original considerations.

But just as importantly, they gained clarity that when their business one day in the future meets new demands, then an expansion of Axacon WMS isn’t just possible – it is also easy and relatively fast to implement.

Value. Clarity. Vision.

In the end, it is all about how companies like A. Henriksen Shipping create value for themselves and their customers. This happens both by virtue of the detailed documentation and traceability, but also by the constantly updated overview that both parties receive. The customer can check their inventory, placement, handling, etc., and services that have been invoiced can likewise be documented.

It gives clarity on multiple levels. Clarity that there is always a handle on the warehouse, but also the clarity that scaling is not a huge and heavy process, eases the mind in a way that allows focus to be directed and maintained on developing the business – both short-term with the day to day, and on the long term in the form of the overall visions and plans for future growth.