Fast and correct delivery is a must

Without efficient warehouse processes and a low rate of errors in deliveries, you will not be successful as a webshop. The customers' expectations are high, and it's easy to find another web shop if the first doesn't deliver quickly enough or makes mistakes in deliveries. Webshops typically have many small orders, and there is much time to be saved by picking several orders at a time.

20 orders at the time

Axacon has made a setup for a client where the WMS initiates 20 picking orders at the same time in the morning when it's the busiest. In the afternoon when it's less busy it would initiate picking when there are 8-12 fitting orders. It saves a lot of time in the warehouse and enables the company to ship as many orders as possible every day. 

It can result in a very fast return of investment since the reduction in picking time can help pay the price for the investment in a new WMS.

Our clients

"Rosendahl has worked with Axacon for more than 13 years. The WMS solution has definitely played a big part in supporting our business. This is especially thanks to the great cooperation with the people from Axacon who are always well-prepared", says Bente Brock, IT-Manager at Rosendahl.

How will it work for you?

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