Strict demands for traceability

Axacon is a natural choice for pharmaceuticals when deciding which WMS to choose. We have the experience required to handle and distribute medicine. We are aware of and understand the challenges that are specific to this industry in relation to government regulation. Axacon does not only supply a solid solution in terms of logistics but is also a qualified sparring partner in these areas as a result of our experience and expertise.

Our WMS helps register expiration dates on products and can optimize the handling of goods that are sensitive to temperature while keeping the process low in cost.



Traceability is about more than just being able to see where an item is coming from and where it ended up. Traceability also requires the system to track who moved the item, who released it for sale and who typed in or edited the data, etc. Axacon WMS meets all government demands in relation to traceability.



The requirements for testing a WMS solution to handle medicine is very strict. The tests must not only be completed but also documented. Axacon can in accordance with GAMP-5 offer to complete most of these tests - and in such a way that ensures the correct documentation.

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