Bird Feed Producer VPG Upgrades the Warehouse Management

Upgrade of the warehouse management

In the gardens of Danish people it's a common sight to see small neon green balls of bird feed hanging from the branches. The balls are most likely from the animal feed company Vital Petfood Group. They have been a client of Axacon for eight years.  VPG has a factory not far from Aarhus that can produce up to a million of those balls in a single day. A capacity of production of that size needs a good warehouse management system to enable deliveries to be shipped in time and to the correct locations.

VPG decided to upgrade their WMS when the newest version 6 of Axacon WMS became available to the market. VPG is looking forward to getting an improved WMS and get better and cheaper upgrades in the future since the newest version is designed to be easier and cheaper to upgrade and develop for.

The most recent version 6 contains functions that has been developed over the years for the earlier versions of Axacon WMS. It has been developed to be a core part of the system and it is this form of a standard solution, that makes it easier and cheaper to keep the system up-to-date with development. VPG will use the upgrade as an opportunity to get a larger part of the staff trained to use the different functions of the system.


" We believe it is a necessity to get our IT system ready for the future. With this upgrade, we can be sure that we well-supported for a long time”

An IT system for the future

VPG will get a more optimized version for Axacon WMS. The user-friendliness is better and the performance and security have been improved as a result of a new engine for the system. It is significantly faster to receive information, reports and KPI's and complete searches in the system.

" We believe it is a necessity to get our IT system ready for the future. With this upgrade, we can be sure that we well-supported for a long time”, says Business Development Manager Jacob Damgaard of VPG.

Jacob Damgaard has listened to what the technical staff of VPG had to say about the upgrade before it was decided, and that has had a big influence on the decision to upgrade.

”I know that the guys in the warehouse are looking forward to getting certain new functions with the upgrade that can make their job easier. That is especially better ways of doing searches and better overview," says Jacob Damgaard.



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