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NTG Terminals is running two classical third-party storage warehouses where they administer and handles a wide range of items and products for their customs. New owners meant that the company urgently needed a new warehouse management system.

"We used to be owned by the Finnish postal service and we had used their WMS to handle our picking warehouse," says the partner and Managing Director, Christian Bundesen.

Some former owners assumed control of the company and it caused an urgent need to change systems. 

"It was important to find a partner that could handle our strict deadline," he says and continues. "We have worked with warehouse management before and could use our experience in cooperation with Axacon to finish the project quickly. It required a strict time table and control with the process which Axacon was able to handle well".

"It was important to find a partner that could handle our strict deadline."


There are a number of demands that the system must meet for a company like NTG. "We can control the warehouse based on so many parameters," Christian says. "Our customers wishes can be serialnumber control, batch, FEFO or FIFO and the WMS must be able to handle everything. The different sizes of items can also vary from picking entire pallets or small items that all have their unique location in the warehouse".

The picking is done with a hand-held scanner, and Christian is complimenting the system on being visually simple and user-friendly.

"It's simple to get an overview of how far we are along with different sales orders. It means a lot when we are working on 10-15 customer orders at the same time so that we can allocate our staff optimally and meet the deadlines of different shipments."


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