A Fast Upstart Made the Toy Company Maki Ready for High Season

The toy company Maki has experienced a long period of growth, and therefore it became necessary to invest in a WMS instead of using lists written by hand. They decided on Axacon WMS, and Maki wanted a simple solution that could be installed quickly. It only took three months from completing the deal until the warehouse was up and running with the system.

Maki are ambitions and has high expectations for the business, and now the warehouse is able to keep up. They plan to double the turnover from August to September with a little help from the annual Christmas boom that predictively hits at the end of the year in the toy business. The increased efficiency with Axacon WMS now ensures that Maki has a warehouse that can handle the Christmas season.


Easy to use

There are other advantages to the new WMS. In the Christmas season, there is always a need to hire extra staff to work the warehouse, and it's easier for new staff to be effective straight away when they mostly have to do what the scanner tells them and don't have to know where the products are located in the warehouse. 

Axacon WMS also has  the option to use Business Intelligence, and Maki has decided to do just that. It was a known problem in the warehouse that more space was needed, and a new warehouse nearby was under construction to solve the problem. The BI revealed that even when they had eight pickers working, they were only able to work at the efficiency of 5-6 because they had to keep moving pallets or other items to get to the picking location. It now became very obvious that the lack of space was costing more than it should, and management was able to react accordingly and make sure that the new warehouse was finished quickly.

Maki has decided not to measure individually on the employees to see who works the fastest, but it is still possible to get some general idea about what part of the flow in the warehouse that experienced employees should be placed in order for them to be most effective. BI revealed that experienced packers were twice as fast as new ones, and that is very valuable information in order to place the employees where they provide the most value.

A change in culture

It's the experience of Axacon that it requires a period of getting used to a WMS in the warehouse before its full potential is reached. Maki is experiencing that process. They are doing checks and control that might not be necessary but it provides the staff with security. The different checks will be phased out as employees get more comfortable with trusting the system and realize that the system can handle it easily. There are many things that the system will remember and that frees up time from the employees and enables them to focus on their job.

WMS has also given new ways for sales and the warehouse to work together. It provides better communication. Everything can be registered. It's no longer whoever insists the most that will get their shipments sent first. The system plans it so everything is sent in an order and makes sure that everything arrives on time.

Satisfaction and optimism are great at Maki. The system is running as it should and with the basic edition of the WMS, it's possible to build and develop more as new needs arise. Now it's just for the culture in the warehouse to adapt to the new way of working.

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