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It all begins with an efficient warehouse

Klokkerholm Karosseridele has had tremendous growth since 2003 when the company began working with Axacon. An efficient warehouse is essential for the business at Klokkerholm, and that's why they chose to optimize the warehouse processes with Axacon WMS.

The first part was registration of all bar codes which reduced the number of mistakes. A mistake in picking leads to a wrong deliverance. It's costly in both time and money when the wrong windshield has to be sent back from the workshop to the warehouse and another windshield has to be sent to replace it. It also has a cost in reputation for the company since the workshop now has an angry customer whose car won't be repaired in time.

"Besides reducing the number of mistakes significantly, we also have a much better overview of how much time it takes to pick the orders of the day, since the amount of time it takes to complete a pick is registered and used to make a prognosis to use in the future. The system also helped optimize our processes. For example, the system plans the order of picking to be done in the most logical way, and the staff even have the ability to be flexible about it and still be sure that everything gets picked. Axacon WMS has also made sure that our entire warehouse is updated online, so we are always aware of the location of everything. That helps a lot every day," Henning Mejlholm of Klokkerholm says.

Klokkerholm has bought two additional companies and built a warehouse in Sweden since the company began working with Axacon. They have also expanded their main warehouse. The WMS has been further developed and expanded to match the changes and growth in the company.

"We have experienced a great warehouse management system from the beginning of working with Axacon. It has helped us manage all our items and processes and created a lot of advantages from optimization."

A new platform in 2015

The WMS was originally developed in the ERP-system. It worked well until the ERP was developed further and further from the standard system. That complicated the process of updating and upgrading the system to match the developments in the company. Klokkerholm decided they needed an independent WMS to get all of the functions separated from the ERP. That became a project for Axacon and was solved in a few months.

In 2015 Klokkerholm Karosseridele began using the newest edition of Axacon WMS, and that went very well according to system developer at Klokkerholm Jan Clausen:

"All the criteria of success that we decided beforehand were all met. Now we have a clear user interface for the ERP, and we managed to get things running quickly. None of our customers could notice that we changed the system, and we are very proud of that. We wanted to sustain our picking times and general speed that we worked with before, and we managed to do just that. We actually have more picks per picking round and more items picked per round than we did before the upgrade because of improved batching of orders". 

Head of logistics Henning Mejlholm says: "It's always tough to get through a big project, but we made it through and it's amazing. Now we have an ERP and a WMS that both handle the jobs they are best at. The focus was not even on getting a better WMS, but we still managed to see many improvements. Our overview especially is much better than before.

Packing has also improved by being able to more clearly see what has been packed and how far along different shipments are in the process.

"All the criteria of success that we decided beforehand were all met. Now we have a clear user interface for the ERP, and we managed to get things running quickly. None of our customers could notice that we changed the system, and we are very proud of that."

Cloud saves money

Another major difference in warehouse management is how the system used to be installed on a simple IBM computer at Klokkerholm's own warehouse. Now the solution is placed at the data center Interxion while Axacon provides the maintenance of the system. It results in Klokkerholm saving both time and money by not needing to buy and run their own server with all the hardware  IT professionals required to handle it - that part is taken care of by Axacon.


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