FREJA Selects Axacon WMS Among 25 Candidates

Reselection of Axacon WMS

The third-party storage provider FREJA has used Axacon WMS for many years. When it was time to upgrade the system the company chose to do a thorough analysis of the different options of WMS to make sure that upgrading with Axacon WMS was the correct choice.

The company hired an external consulting company to investigate the options and the analysis revealed 25 different possible candidates with Axacon's most recent version 6 was among.

Kenneth Sandgaard is Business Development Manager at FREJA and helped set the project in motion, that would go through the entire WMS market to find the right partner for the future. Axacon became the final selection.

"Axacon has a focus on exactly the areas that are important for us today. At the same time, Axacon and FREJA are running parallel in terms of the development that we imagine ourselves to go through in the future"

Data is key

Data is one of the important areas, that Kenneth Sandgaard highlights as a big reason that determined that Axacon was selected for their upgrade. Axacon has great logging of data and a Business Intelligence tool that can make use of the data. 

”We have the ambition to create a business that is well-supported by data and less by general ideas and experience. It has to be on a solid foundation of data that we make changes such as the layout of the warehouse or the way we put orders together,” says Kenneth Sandgaard.

It is not just internally in FREJA that data is considered important. FREJA's customers are also asking for more detailed reporting. They are interested in data such as margin of errors, response time and which products that are bought alongside certain products. It can be difficult to keep having correct data with an external BI-tool which is why it is important for FREJA that Axacon makes sure that data is up-to-date and has its own BI-tool.

"Axacon understand what it means to be a medium-sized business. They are quick to understand our challenges all the way down to the floor of the warehouse and help us solve our problems quickly and efficiently”

Daily life in the warehouse

User-friendliness is another area that was highly prioritized by FREJA. It is a simple fact that mistakes can happen in any warehouse if people don't understand the IT system.

”We know that Axacon spends a lot of time to make their system user-friendly for the people who have to use it. It is driven by intuition and the staff is guided through all processes with a scanner. Our operational leaders believed that Axacon was simple to use. As management, we listened to that advice, says Kenneth Sandgaard from FREJA.

User-friendliness and functionality is important in a warehouse that often has substitute workers or extra staffing in certain periods. It makes teaching new staff much easier and faster, and new staff are more effective at their job without needing much experience.

Another factor Axacon considered was the human factor.

"It can be hard to measure, but it's a big plus that when we meet the consultants from Axacon, they seem to understand us very well. They speak at the same eye-level as us. They understand how a third-party storage provider works and understands our business. The chemistry between people is very important," says Kenneth Sandgaard.

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