Optimization is necessary to create a profit

The key to making a profit as a third-party storage provider is an effective registration of all services and make sure to settle the accounts with the clients. It sounds simple, but it can be difficult if you don't have a warehouse management system that contains the necessary facilities.


Automatic calculation

Axacon WMS automatically calculates a basis of settling the accounts. The system does it based on the contracts that you have with your clients and Axacon WMS' on-going registrations. The calculation module makes it possible to settle all the different logistic services that you provide for your clients. Axacon can handle all kind of special agreements as a third-party storage provider often has quite complicated agreements with their clients.

Keeps track of multiple owners of items

Third-party storage providers can have trouble keeping different customers' items and orders separate in their warehouse management system. Different customers can, for example, have the same items with the same numbers.

Axacon WMS is designed to solve this problem from the beginning. Separation of different clients' items and orders is a fundamental function in Axacon WMS, and not something that needs to be added.

I Axacon WMS er denne problematik tænkt med helt fra starten. Adskillelse af de forskellige kunders varer og ordrer er en helt fundamental funktion i Axacon WMS, og ikke noget der skal bygges ovenpå.


Better access to information

It can be very time consuming to type in clients' orders and answer questions from the clients about their items. This is not necessary with Axacon WMS as clients can be granted access directly to the system. 

The item owner can get access to information about their items and orders. The owner can also be granted access to create their own sales orders and can even print out receipts from Axacon WMS. Larger item owners may prefer to integrate their system with the system at the third-party storage provider. Axacon has experience handling integration of all sizes and categories - it can be everything from large pharmaceuticals to smaller web shops. 


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Danish third-party storage provider and among the leading companies in transport and logistics in Scandinavia.

Transport company offering transportation services in Scandinavia.

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