We are increasing our ambitions

Axacons new managing director Ulrik Gavlshøj Petersen has been spending much of his first time with Axacon on visiting and talking to the company's existing clients to figure out what can be improved in our cooperation with the clients.

We are increasing our ambitions

”Axacon has the potential to be among the leaders of this industry in the Northern countries. To reach that potential we must provide even better service to our clients than we already do, be more active instead of reactive and have a cooperation with our clients about logistics and technology", says Ulrik Gavlshøj Petersen.

We have chosen to reinvest our profits into the development of our business during the coming years. It will already be felt by our customers in Fall 2018.


More cooperation with clients

Axacon's solution will be increasingly modular, which will make it easier for clients to select the specific functions, that they can gain the most from. We plan to add a subscription system to our business, which we understand is highly sought after.

We want to make it even more clear to our clients where we create value when the solution is continuously adapted to fit their needs, and we will be more active in trying to support the development of their business. It will be realized through sparring on logistics, technology, and business strategy.


We want to create visible benefits

Our clients' basic needs is an IT solution that always works and optimizes the daily operations in the warehouse, while also being provided with expert knowledge and advice on best-practice. We want to strengthen the culture that makes us active and conscious about where we can create value and benefits to our clients. To make that happen we need to expand our organization, which is a journey we have already begun.

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