An investment in Axacon WMS needs to be a benefit for the entire company. We need to make sure of that. That's why we need a great partnership with you in the implementation phase.

This is how implementation works


We want to make your warehouse and logistics as efficient as possible. That's why we are unafraid to make some demands to make sure the project becomes a resounding success for your company.

Before your warehouse becomes digitalized there has to be made a mapping of the current processes in the warehouse. It's important that you as a company become aware of how the warehouse is functioning today, and if you are doing things in the most optimal way.

We are your sparring partners and source of inspiration in this process if you have the need.

You also have to decide whether to go for a high degree of digitization in the first project or a lesser degree but with the option of building on top of it later. Axacon supports both options.

Optimize before you digitize

A key rule in logistics in the warehouse is to optimize the workflows first, before you digitize them. Axacon WMS works best, when the different flows and processes has been mapped out.

We can adapt Axacon WMS based on all your wishes. But what are your wishes? Let us help you find the most efficient way to do operate in your company and we can create the most amount of value for you.

The processes are mapped out. What now?

Additional needs for clarification can arise when a WMS-project is underway, as it might be necessary to expand the solution. It is important for all parties to make a great effort in the implementation phase.

We need to get the right people and abilities in the company to be involved with the project and get together an organization of cooperation across your company and Axacon. It's necessary to have an internal leader of the project with the responsibility of the logistics, and the right operational people with the practical knowledge and experience to create a successful project.

Management must be engaged in the project and understand that it is a strategic project to digitize the logistics.

The schedule is important. Many companies have peak seasons that they operate with. As a client, you must be sure to allocate the right amount of time to get ready for peak season. The sooner you begin, the sooner we can finish, which leads to the investment repaying itself that much sooner.

Let's get in touch

Let me show you how Axacon WMS can create efficiency and streamline a large number of workflows at your warehouse.

My name is Ulrik. 
I am the managing director and owner of Axacon.

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