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You will be safe and sound by choosing a cloud-based WMS. Cloud gives you better security against breakdowns, but also financial advantages.

2 good reasons to choose cloud-based


You don't have to pay up-front for hardware, servers in addition to future costs in maintenance. You also don't need to have IT-professionals on-site or worry about complex installations, data transfers or upgrades. Everything is handled by an external partner that offers favorable prices thanks to operating on a large scale.

By minimizing your need for internal IT-support, you can instead focus on your business' key competences and on developing more effective business models. Cloud becomes a tool to speed up innovation and achieve reductions in costs for the areas of IT, that does not contribute to increased competitiveness.


Cloud is more secure. Nobody wants to experience a breakdown of a system that you depend on every single day. In large as well as small companies breakdowns can have large economic consequences.

The level of security for cloud-solution providers is very high and generally better than the average local setup. There is supervision of everything from control of access, temperature and disc errors, and there will be automatic backup routines for any component that is part of the cloud solution. It means that all components, for example, a server has copies of itself in the cloud. If anything fails, it will immediately be replaced and the system remains undisturbed.

Axacon's cloud solutions are located at Interxion, the leading European provider of data centers for cloud solutions.  

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