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Business Intelligence

Axacons Business Intelligence turns the large amounts of data that is collected in the WMS into simple and clear information, that can be used to understand the business better and make more qualified decisions.

Most companies have an enormous amount of data registered in their warehouse management system. Hidden in that data is valuable information, that can help you make better decisions and be aware of developments in the business. Data is worth money, and to many companies, it's an unused source of information. The raw data is most likely not sorted or easily available to the company and that's where Business Intelligence enters the picture.

Axacon's BI transforms the incomprehensible data into understandable information and can present it in a visually pleasing way that makes sense for the people who are going to use it. An example could be presenting lost items on a graph for a certain time frame. BI is designed to be user-friendly for both management and the people working the warehouse floor, so it can be used immediately and without any technical assistance.

Companies with a system for warehouse management such as Axacon WMS has an incredible amount of data about themselves. BI uses the potential that data holds.

Nobody can predict the future, but BI enables management to make more qualified decisions based on data instead of going with gut feelings. It can be a company experiencing growth that needs more storage space. It's more reliable to find out when additional storage space is needed if you have access to a large amount of data about the development of the entire stock of items.


Your company has the option to get dashboards with the company warehouse data. A dashboard is a visual and simple way of presenting data. A good dashboard can easily tell the recipient what they need to know to get an overview and make a decision based on a solid foundation. That is exactly what Axacon helps our clients with. Make more qualified decisions.

We can offer all our clients both standard dashboards that are relevant in most warehouses, but we also have the ability to create new dashboards to your specific needs.

Dashboards make it possible to have your KPI's visualized and updated live for all to see and be aware of during the day at the warehouse. An example could be the workload in different areas of the warehouse. The people working can then allocate themselves in the most optimal way immediately as they see that one area needs more manpower.

Some of the KPI's current clients of Axacon has chosen are: picking speed, amount of open and closed sales orders, amounts of picking rounds, etc.

To enable dashboards, we require the following:



Remote access

Internet access

Google Chrome browser

Axacon has the responsibility to deliver the dashboards by a BI-tool or through a link. Axacon makes the dashboards are updated at an interval that we decide with the client. The client has to make sure that Axacon's consultants have remote access to set-up and monitor the dashboards unless we agree otherwise.


Axacon can deliver reports daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. The reports can be information about finished picking rounds, the number of orders handled, how many jobs were picked on time, etc. A report from Axacon is a multiperspective view of a dataset with visualizations that represents different results and insights from the warehouse dataset. A report can have a simple visualization or whole pages full.

We offer standard reports or custom-made for your specific needs. It can be reports for single-use, for example, a management meeting or reports that are created at certain intervals. The reports are centered around the warehouse data of your company and give good insight into your data. We can also create more advanced reporting with statistics such as correlation analyses and forecast models and general statistic on different levels.

Examples of KPI's:

Picking rounds

Item handling



Sales orders


Different item numbers

Picking speed

Amount of items picked

Employee efficiency

You can choose to have a report sent every day by email - ready to print. You also have access to the reports through a link where you can make use of different filters to find the information you need. It's possible to add a time-slider as well, to further analyze different intervals of time.

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