Functions in Axacon WMS
Axacon WMS is an intelligent warehouse management system created to optimize all processes and workflows in a modern warehouse. Axacon WMS warrants 100% control of all goods from receipt to shipment. Axacon WMS contains two parts:

Control of warehouse jobs with WMS

A warehouse job module that efficiently prioritizes and controls the work of employees and jobs to be done. Thus, there is no time waste on planning, and employees are securely guided through the tasks.

Thus, the workflow is: Jobs are generated in Axacon WMS, subsequently being assigned in order of priority to employees in accordance with stated rules. Which jobs are most important? Who is able to perform them? Should several orders be batch picked at the same time? Are there any jobs that should always be done on Tuesdays? If a customer needs several orders delivered, can these be consolidated, so they will be picked and shipped together.

When stock level is low, or when Axacon WMS knows a larger quantity of an article is needed, an automatic replenishment job is started, so there always will exist sufficient stock volume for the pickers.

This way there is no time waste on planning of everyday routines such as which order should be picked first, who should do it, etc. The users are securely guided through the tasks, where Axacon WMS find all goods and simultaneously chooses the correct goods (e.g. first in, first out). This way picking errors are minimized and it is very easy for new employees to get started.

Warehouse Management with WMS
A management part that provides a precise picture of what is going to happen and what needs to be done in the warehouse, so the warehouse manager can make qualified decisions.
The Warehouse Manager Screen provides a clear picture of the state of the warehouse. All history on stock levels, jobs, employees, orders, etc. is logged, so you get to know precisely what has happened. This information is extremely valuable to future workflow optimizations and calculations of all kinds of KPI figures.

At the same time the Warehouse Manager Screen provides a precise overview of what is going to happen: What is the order/delivery situation? Are we falling behind? When are we done with today's work? Do we need to call in extra staff? Thus, the warehouse manager can make qualified decisions. 

Receiving goods with WMS
Axacon WMS is designed to simplify the receiving of goods as much as possible. Since WMS knows the purchase order, it is automatically transmitted to the scanner, so the employee only has to scan the barcode of items, inform amount and register possible batch number, expiry date or serial number. Axacon WMS meets the requirements of the authorities on traceability.

Classification with WMS
Axacon WMS finds the optimal location for any item or pallet based on your rules. The location can be defined by the importance of the goods, volume, stackability and a lot of other criteria.

Replenishment with WMS

Replenishment of pick locations is based on configuration of maximum and minimum quantyties. The system generates a number of replenishment jobs that are queued to the hand terminals. Thus, it is ensured the pickers do not run out of goods.

Order picking with WMS
Orders are picked without using paper lists. A hand terminal is used that sorts the order lines in the most optimal order of priority, so you walk or drive the shortest distance through the warehouse. With the hand terminal you for instance scan the barcode of a product and location, to check you have not picked the wrong items.

Box-pick with WMS:

When picking small orders it can be an advantage to pick e.g. 8 orders on the same cart at the same time. The system keeps track that the individual order is placed on the cart and sorts all order lines in optimal picking order of priority across the 8 orders. At each pick help is provided to place the goods correctly on the cart. Box-pick can provide great time savings, as all orders can be handled in only one pickround.

Batch-pick with WMS

Can be very efficient when a larger amount of similar goods are needed for many single orders. The picker gets the goods that are needed and delivers them at a packing station. The packer now distributes the goods to the different orders.

Packing and shipping with WMS

Orders from several zones can be cosolidated (collected) before packing. It can be the last picker who collects the parts and hands them in to packing. Alternatively, the pickers can hand in to a consolidation area, after which the packer collects the order, when everybody is finished. Delivery note and invoice are automatically printed. Orders from several zones can consolidate Axacon WMS is fully integrated to Consignor, so transport label is also printed automatically as en integral part of the shipping function.

Ongoing warehouse count with WMS
In Axacon WMS you can avoid the resource consuming, yearly (or quarterly) count. With Axacon WMS all counts can be performed while the warehouse is operating. Ongoing counts can be activated when there are only few goods on a specific location, or after a fixed cycle on how often you want certain goods counted. The count can take place as a part of the picking process, or be planned to when there is free time for the warehouse staff.

Integration for ERP-systems
Axacon WMS is born to be integrated with any ERP system. It can take place by exchange of files - flat files or XML files - or web services, depending on your or the ERP supplier's wishes.

Integration to automation solutions
Axacon WMS offers a number of customization options making it easy to make solutions that involve e.g. warehouse machines and devices. Picking and in-placement in these machines become an integral part of the workflows at the warehouse. The same options also make it easy to integrate other physical units such as weights, volume meters and roller conveyors.

Wireless hand terminals, Androids, I-phones, or Pick by Voice

The system can be used with wireless terminals that are easy to use and comfortable working with. A number of androids or tablets can also be used, which for example are combined with wireless scanners.

Axacon WMS also supports voice control (Zetes Pick by Voice) making it possible for the warehouse employee to both receive orders and pass messages back to the system with a headset. A voice solution for picking can in some situations provide great improvements in productivity. With both hands free to pick goods, your warehouse staff can operate efficiently, and at the same time experience improved workflows.

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