In the last 20 years Axacon has developed a number of advanced and efficient functions in Axacon WMS. We will describe some of them here:

Green lifts with WMS
Axacon WMS can help you get on top of the work environment and ensure, you can prove to the labor inspectorate, that your employees do not carry more weight a day than what is sound healthwise.

As early as 2003 'green lifts' were added as a functionality in Axacon WMS. With this functionality the individual employee's gender, age, height and possible other considerations were considered and included.

When the employee has liftet up to 80% of his or her lifting capacity, he or she is automatically redirected to easier to handle jobs.

Logging of temperature during transportation
When temperature critical goods such as medicine are shipped, a temperature logger can be included in the shipment for constantly logging the temperature. When the package is received by the customer, the log is read to see if the temperature has been on an acceptable level during transportation. When new jobs are created in Axacon WMS, the system checks if the order contains temperature critical goods, requirering a logger. If it does, a pick line is automatically created for a logger as part of the job. The picker is also asked to scan the logger serial number. This information is stored, so it is known which log has sent to which customer. When receiving the package the customer signs for whether the temperature has been on an acceptable level.

Business Intelligence with WMS
Axacon WMS logs everything that goes on in the warehouse. That means, there is picking history, goods history, staff history and order history.

This way you can get answers to all relevant questions such as: Who has done what? How long did it take? How many orders can be processed a day? With this information it is possible to calculate key figures for everything in the warehouse, and to use this knowledge to make better and more proactive decisions.

Læs mere om intelligent brug af data og Axacons BI tool her

Production management with WMS
Axacon WMS also supports picking of raw materials to production, handling and temporary storage of semi-finished goods, return of raw materials to the warehouse and classification of finished goods in the warehouse. It is our experience that optimization of raw materials and finished goods can provide great competitive advantages.

ABC-allocation with WMS
ABC-analyses provide insight to the goods' different "behaviour" in the warehouse and thus also the recipe on what priority the goods should have. A-goods should be handled differently from C-goods. Axacon WMS analyzes what goods sell the best, and can therefore recommend that A-goods that sell well are placed optimally in regards to the picking route. Thus, the pickers do not have to walk quite as many steps to get them, and efficiency can this way be greatly improved.

Box-pick with WMS
When picking small orders it can be an advantage to pick e.g. 8 orders at a time. The system keeps track of where the individual orders are located on the cart and sorts all order lines in optimal picking order of priority across the 8 orders. At each pick help is provided to place goods correctly on the cart. Box-pick can provide great savings, as all orders can be handled in one trip, while saving time on start and end.

Batch-pick with WMS

Can be very efficient when a larger number of goods are needed for many single orders.

The picker collects the goods needed and hands them in at a packing station. The packer distributes the goods to the different orders. When packing the individual product is scanned and a delivery note, invoice and transportation label is printed to the order.

Ongoing warehouse count with WMS
In Axacon WMS you can avoid the resource consuming, yearly (or quarterly) count. With Axacon WMS all counts can be performed while the warehouse is operating. Ongoing counts can be activated when there are only few goods on a specific location, or after a fixed cycle on how often you want certain goods counted. The count can take place as a part of the picking process, or be planned to when there is free time for the warehouse staff.

Pick by Voice
Axacon WMS supports voice control (Zetes Pick by Voice) making it possible for warehouse staff to both receive orders and give messages back to the system by way of a headset. A voice solution for picking can in some situations provide great improvements in productivity. With both hands free to pick goods, your warehouse staff can operate more efficiently and also experience improved workflows.

Settlement with WMS
The key to making money in the warehouse is to remember to log all services and then remember to settle them. It sounds simple, but can be quite hard, if you do not have a warehouse management system with the necessary facilities. Axacon WMS automatically calculates a settlement basis. The system does this from the contracts you have made with your customers, and Axacon WMS’ ongoing logging of the employees's actions. The settlement module makes it possible to settle logistics services like warehouse rental fee, handling of goods, orders, etc.

Wireless scanners and hand terminals for WMS 

Axacon WMS can be used with wireless terminals which are simple to use and pleasant to work with. A number of androids or tablets that you e.g. combine with wireless scanners can be used. 

Job split and consolidation in WMST
There can be good reasons to split orders. If some order lines make up whole pallets, the truck operator gets those. Simultaneously a different employee can get the smaller picks. After picking the goods are handed to packing. Orders from several zones can be consolidated (collected) before packing. It can be the last picker who collects the parts and delivers to packing. Alternatively, the pickers can hand it to a consolidation area, after which the packer collects the order, when all are finished.

Single-site or Multi-site in WMS
Do you have one or more warehouse terminals to manage? No problem. Axacon WMS is suited for both one or more terminals of any size. Thus, you can follow and manage everything in your warehouses. And optimize and coordinate your processes and your staff. You can also adapt different solutions to your various terminals.

Pick-by-Light can increase picking speed

By way of an electronic display the operator gets instructions on the goods that must be picked.

Each warehouse location is equipped with an electronic Pick-by-light module that shows the current location by ligthing a clear light and by stating the number of items to pick. The light is very easy to see and thus the operator can find and pick the goods faster.

After picking of goods, OK is pressed and the display turns off. Simultaneously information is transferred directly to the warehouse management solution, which is then updated. The pictures are from our partner www.KBS-gmbh.de


With the Put-to-Light system the electronic display is mounted where the goods must be placed. This applies when e.g. the picking of goods are from shelves and onto carts with several rooms.

When the goods are identified with the barcode reader, the display is turned on where the goods must be placed. The operator can quickly identify the correct location. When the goods are placed correctly, OK is pressed and the light goes out. At the same time the warehouse management system is updated. The picture is from our partner www.KBS-gmbh.de