Let Axacon take care of the operation of your WMS servers

Modern IT-environment emanates from the cloud, and cloud solutions are going to dominate in years to come.

This development is for a large part driven forward by companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM, but also Axacon has for a number of years provided cloud based warehouse management solutions.

Cloud based IT-solutions have experienced impressive progress in later years. The growth for example in Q2 in 2016 was no less than 14,5%, according to reports from one of the world's biggest analyst firms, IDC. At the same time IDC predicts that investments in cloud based IT-solutions will grow to more than 500 billion USD in 2020, and thus investments in cloud based solutions overtake investments in local solutions.

Therefore, IDC recommends that companies investing in larger IT-systems should consider to protect the investment by choosing a cloud based solution - because it will be on the cloud based platform future development will take place.

Cloud solutions run directly on the internet, and are more efficient, easier to handle, and they free up ressources.

The supplier has control of the environment and easy access to the system, while customers avoid bying servers, training operation personnel, etc.

Axacon WMS is physically located at Interxion, the leading European provider of data centres for cloud solutions, where data and operation is optimally secured.