A powerful solution for big companies with many locations in Denmark or across borders

Axacon WMS Enterprise is an extremely powerful solution that ensures the functionality, scalability and flexibility needed in big companies with several or many locations in one country or across borders.

Axacon WMS provides real time information from all locations and warehouses from the entire company. With this transparency leaders and department store managers make decisions from the most updated knowledge. All information on what is going on in the warehouses is available, so it is possible to see all details of a single location or a helicopter view of the entire company across locations in order to get the necessary knowledge and overview.

Axacon WMS Enterprise supports many types of warehouses, multi-sites, many goods owners and many languages. The solution also supports wireless entities from a large number of manufacturers.

For nearly 20 years we have built a large portfolio of specific warehouse functions that have helped our customers become more efficient.

Also on big projects we are happy to offer fixed price deals.

You are welcome to challenge us. We are able to handle the task.

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