Axacon WMS is an intelligent warehouse management system

Created to optimizing all processes and workflows in a modern warehouse


Axacon WMS is the name of our self-developed software for management of warehouses in companies of all sizes and in all industries. Axacon WMS is a modern product developed in accordance with the highest quality requirements.

Our ongoing development of Axacon WMS benefits all our customers. The functions making up the solution are continually expanded with new options, and upgrading to new versions of Axacon WMS is very easy.

Axacon WMS as strategic weapon

Axacon WMS is scalable and prepared for growth, and can greatly help your business become competitive. If your warehouse is an important part of the core business, Axacon WMS can quickly become a central focal point in your strategy.

"The pharmaceutical company TMJ wants to be leading in the market and Axacon WMS is crucial in order to implement and execute on the growth strategies. We have faced that a long time ago and for us Axacon WMS is a strategic weapon", says IT-Manager Kristian Kjærgård, IT-Manager

With Axacon WMS efficiency increases in all workflows in the warehouse, and the optimization of repeated processes has great economic impact.


Axacon WMS Basic is an affordable start-up solution supporting all common workflows in a modern warehouse, and can be quickly implemented. Also, the solution is very scalable and thus prepared for growth.


If efficient warehouse management is a competitive factor or strategically important for your company - or if you have particular functions in your warehouse you want supported - then a customized Axacon WMS solution is the right choice for you.


Axacon WMS Enterprise is an extremely powerful solution that ensures the functionality, scalability and flexability needed in big companies with several or many locations in Denmark or across borders.


Outsourche the operation of your WMS solution. Avoid bying and running servers.

Axacon offers WMS as a cloud solution, where you can access your WMS solution from any device on which you can open a browser - it does not get easier than that.


Here you can learn more about the most commonly used warehouse management functions available in Axacon WMS. 

Axacon WMS is easily integrated into both ERP systems and automation solutions in the warehouse.

Wireless hand scanners, Androids, IPhones or pick-by-voice can all be used with Axacon WMS.


In the last 20 years Axacon has developed a number of advanced and efficient functions in Axacon WMS. We will describe some of them here: