The King of Fat Balls VPG is upgrading their warehouse management


The King of Fat Balls VPG is upgrading their warehouse management

In the Danes' gardens across the country, the small fat balls for birds in neon green net is a common sight. The fat balls are most likely from the feed business Vital Petfood Group in Jutland, an Axacon customer of eight years. VPG’s factory in Hasselager south of Aarhus can produce up to one million fat balls a day. A production machinery of that size requires a good warehouse management system to ensure deliviries are shipped on time and to the right places. 

Since the newest version 6 of Axacon WMS has been ready, the company has decided to upgrade the warehouse management. VPG looks forward to get an improved WMS and simultaneously save money in the future, as the new version of Axacon is designed to be easier and cheaper to upgrade and develop.

The new version 6 contains functions that over the years has been developed for the other versions of Axacon WMS. The large number of functions that comes with it are integrated in the core of the program. It is particularly this kind of standard solution that makes it easier and cheaper to follow the development for the feed company, which has two factories in Denmark. VPG will use the upgrade to get a bigger part of their employees trained in more of the system's functions.

VPG also gets an optimized version of Axacon WMS. The usability is greater, performance and safety are improved because of a brand new motor for the system. It is much better and faster to retrieve information, reports, KPIs and make searches in the system.

”We think it is necessary to future-proof our IT-system. So we know we are being supported for a long time", says Business Development Manager Jacob Damgaard from VPG.  

Jacob Damgaard has been listening to what the more techical staff had to say, before decisions on upgrading was done, and it has influenced the decision to upgrade.

”I know that at the warehouse they look forward to more new functions in the upgrade, that can improve their work. It is especially the improved search options and better overview," says Jacob Damgaard.  

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