Get your warehouse in the cloud with Axacon WMS


What is cloud?

Cloud is the future in software for companies. A cloud based warehouse management systemt means, warehouse data and system are no longer on a physical server at your company. Instead, you have access to all of it via the internet. Data and system lies at a company specializing in handling of data and because of economies of scale can do the task better and cheaper.



ECONOMY: The company does not have to purchase and store expensive hardware to handle data and systems. There is also no need for own employees spending time on ensuring maintenance, backup and daily handling of hardware.

SECURITY: Cloud has minimal risk of system failure, physical damage or overheating of hardware, because it is not placed in your company. Instead specialists who only work on securing your system and data 24 hours a day take care of it. 

FUTURE-PROOFING: Cloud-based warehouse management future-proofs investments in IT, because cloud solutions will become more common than local solutions in coming years. Tech-giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM drive this development and are focusing heavily on cloud. Therefore, it becomes easier and cheaper to hop on board the improvements taking place in the software industry in years to come.


Why Axacon?

Axacon was among the first WMS-suppliers, who chose to offer customers their warehouse management and warehouse date in the cloud.

”Axacon has delivered cloud-based solutions since 2013”, says CEO Anya Varnich Hansen. ”We can see a number of other companies also choosing to go this way. It is our understanding, Axacon has achieved a great competitive advantage, because we in these years have gained extensive knowledge on cloud-based WMS”.