Axacon WMS version 6 - with new engine


Axacon Version 6

Three good reasons


New engine to the system

  • Better performance
  • Faster development
  • More secure


Better access to data

  • Faster and easier handling of data
  • Follow KPIs
  • Business Intelligence


Future WMS is a standard solution

  • Easier and cheaper to upgrade
  • More user-friendly
  • Less people dependent 
  • New development takes place on version 6


New engine is a big upgrade

Axacon's customers can always ask for more functions and changes in their WMS setup. Our customers diligently take advantage of this offer and it is now even easier to make changes. Version 6 has a new version of JBoss making the development in WMS easier. When a customer is on version 6, Axacon can use a better toolbox to develop the system and design new functions for the customer. It is also faster to implement new functions in the customer's system.

The new JBoss has several new functions ensuring maximum uptime of warehouse management. Version 6 supports hot deployment: Axacon can fix problems in the system and install new functions, without the system being on hold in the warehouse. Also, the system can run on several servers simultaneously. This means, if a crash occurs, another server takes over. The customer will notice nothing. Same function makes it possible to share the workload between the servers, if needed. The function are part of the Enterprise-solution and just a few examples of what is possible in version 6.


Quality Control

Axacon constantly performs quality control on our products.

Our biggest stress test on version 6 is a simulation of a warehouse with 600 pickers working on three servers. The pickers handle 30.000 job lines in 50 minutes. 84% has a response time of under one second. The response time is in 96% of the cases within three seconds. There were 0 job lines with errors. None of Axacon's customers have more than 100 pickers working at a time, so when we test with 600 pickers, it is to be certain on the quality of the product.

In a test with 200 pickers the response time was under one second in 99,94% of the cases.

In connection with the upgrade Axacon offers a review of the warehouse flow, in order to find places that can be improved.


Better access to data

Axacon's customers have asked for better ways to search for data in the WMS and use that data. So, that is what we have done. It has become more than 100 times faster to make reports on data than before in earlier versions, and it is now easier for the user to find the correct numbers and information including the possibility of adding filters to the search.


Business Intelligence (BI) brings value to WMS data

Axacon has developed Business Intelligence for Version 6. The WMS stores an incredible amount of data on a daily basis, which has great value, but often is not used. BI makes that data easy to access, clear and makes is possible to get KPIs and other developments in the company presented as graph or list. A mail service can be set up, that with a specific interval gives notice on key numbers that are of particular interest.


Why is a standard solution best?

The keyword in version 6 is standard. For many years a special solution for companies was the norm for WMS, as all warehouses are different and have different needs. Version 6 contains the same possibilities of special solutions and adaptations of needs, but where the disadvantages of special solutions are minimized. Functions are now more part of the core program, and that makes upgrades easier and cheaper. It also makes it possible to upgrade more often and use new functions faster.

WMS is easier to use and therefore a company is not so dependent on specific people with special knowledge of the system. A loss of knowledge can occur in the company, if there are many specialized functions in an IT-system, which only a few employees know. Axacon tries to minimize this with version 6.


More simple and user-friendly

The entire client that the employees look at in the company has been freshened up. It has a new expression with a better user experience. It is easier to make your own setup. The order of priority of menu items can be changed, so those used the most are on top. Help text can be written, so it is easier to remember what different functions are used for. It is possible to make more advanced searches in the system with filters in the search function.



WMS on version 6 has better options for communicating with other programmes, because it is updated to the newest platforms. In a company, warehouse management must always communicate with several other programmes and that works best on a totally upgraded version. It is easier to upgrade on version 6, and it is also here new developments will take place. As a version gets older it becomes more fragile, whereas the newest version ensures IT-safety going forward.


The market wants standard

It is an artform to design a system that can handle both complex tasks and be flexible, and at the same time be simple to use and easy to understand for the staff. 

Axacon version 6 is a programme that meets those ambitions. The system is improved and complexity has been reduced.

Warehouse management in ERP-systems often has the problem, that it is difficult and expensive to upgrade. Axacon WMS is an independent programme specifically for warehouse management, and in the new standard solution, it is a major improvement for customers coming from a very specialized WMS or from an ERP.

The market demands standard programmes, because it is cheaper and easier in the long run, when upgrade and update are needed.

Software always must be upgraded, as time simply outruns it. Therefore, it is an advantage to be ahead.