The industry is characterized by particularly rough competition, where streamlining all parts is important for the ability to make money. Axacon is specialized in solutions for warehouses.

With the unique settlement module the warehouse easily gets all services settled with its customers.


The key to earn money is remembering to register all services and then remembering to settle them. It sounds simple, but can be quite hard, if you do not have a warehouse management system with the necessary facilities. Axacon WMS automatically calculates a settlement basis. The system does this from the setup you have agreed with your customers, and Axacon WMS’ ongoing registrations of the employees' work. The settlement module makes it possible to settle logistics services like warehouse rental fee, handling of goods, orders, etc.

Contracts with customers can often be quite complicated. Axacon WMS can contain pretty much all possible contracts. 

Many goods owners - Separation of customers

It can often be difficult separating the different customers' goods and orders in the warehouse management system. Different customers can for instance have goods with the same item number.

In Axacon WMS this issue has been thought of from the very beginning.

The separation of different customers' goods and orders is a fundamental thing in Axacon WMS, and not something that needs to be added later on. 


The goods owners' access to data

Many warehouse administrators use a lot of time partly on entering the customers' orders and partly on answering questions from the customers on stock levels and so on. Axacon WMS makes these tasks a lot easier, because the customers themselves can have direct access to the system.

The goods owner can get access to information on goods and orders. The goods owner can also get access to enter sales and purchase orders themselves, and can even choose to print their invoices from Axacon WMS. Larger goods owners prefer to integrate their domestic systems with the system of the warehouse. At Axacon we have experience in integration for 3PL customers in all sizes and categories - from big pharmaceutical companies to small webshops.

Read more below on Axacon's 3PL customers.

FREJA Transport & Logistics

FREJA offers dedicated solutions in transportation, logistics and storage in both Europe and the rest of the world. Freja Transport is with offices in both Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland among the leading companies in transportation and logistics in Scandinavia. Freja has for a number of years run warehouses for many different goods owners with Axacon WMS. Here, not least the settlement module has been a big win.

Nordic Transport Group, NTG

NTG is a unique transportation company distributing goods all over the world, offering efficient warehouse solutions from the time of emptying the container until the goods leave the warehouse again. NTG was up and running with Axacon WMS within a short two months time span.

Branch Manager John Sommersøe from NTG says, ”Axacon has throughout the entire process provided fantastic support, which meant we quickly were up and running with a new WMS system. It has been a great advantage with a Danish supplier with quick support when things were moving fast. The implementation of Axacon WMS -  a 'state of art' solution - prepares us for the future, benefitting both our current and future logistics customers.”


Movianto is one of the leading European Health Care solution partners within the areas of Pharma, biotech, medical equipment and diagnostics. Movianto offers solutions for stock keeping, transportation and temperature control logistics, and has 20 department stores in 11 European countries.