Warehouse management for pharmaceutical industry, medical manufacturers and distributors

The pharmaceutical industry faces demands on lower costs, better changeability and faster launching on the market - combined with the compliance of complex regulatory requirements. A determining prerequisite for competitiveness is traceability and powerfull warehouse and logistics handling. 

Axacon is the logical choice when pharmaceutical companies choose WMS. We have broad experience in the handling and distribution of medicine, and understand the management and documentation issues present in the pharmaceutical industry. Axacon can not only deliver solutions regarding the logistics business, but can also deliver qualified advice in these areas.

Axacon WMS for instance helps with the registration of products with expiry date issues, and can optimize the handling of temperature controlled goods, while the process is cost effective.


Traceabilty concerns several more issues than just determining the origin of specific item specimens, and their final location. Traceability is also about determining who moved the goods, who has released it for sale, who has changed its master data, etc.

Axacon WMS meets the strict requirements to traceability described in FDA 21, part 11.


The requirements towards a WMS solution for handling medicinal products are very strict. The test processes must not only be performed, but also documented. 

In accordance with GAMP-5 Axacon is able to offer the performance of most of these tests - and important to notice, in a manner that ensures that all necessary documentation is produced.  

Read more below about some of Axacon's customers handling pharma products.

Tjellesen Max Jenne, TMJ

TMJ is part of the Celesio group, which is Europe's biggest pharmaceutical distributor, represented in 27 countries with 47.000 employees and a yearly revenue of 175 billion DKK.

Kristian Kjærgård, IT-Manager at TMJ: "Pharma business is a very tough sport, and you should never go to battle with old weapons. We have faced that a long time ago, and for us Axacon WMS is a strategic weapon."

Dechra Veterinary Product

Dechra is one of the world's leading suppliers of products for the treatment of diseases in domestic animals.

Director Carsten Jeppesen, Dechra Veterinary Products, Denmark: "Axacon WMS is clearly the best stock management system I've seen".


Movianto is one of the leading European Health Care solution partners within Pharma, biotech, medical equipment and diagnostics. 
Movianto offers solutions for warehousing, transportation and temperature control logistics, and has 20 department stores in 11 European countries.