Axacon has extensive experience in the complex challenges of warehouse management in manufacturing companies

Manufacturing companies operate in competitive markets where outsourching of jobs is a constant threat. Therefore, companies must constantly improve all processes, and therefore much focus is on profitability from the point of receiving raw materials and the physical manufacturing until the time of distribution.

Axacons WMS has specific focus on the management of raw material warehouses, handling of semi-finished goods, manufacturing of new goods and classification of new goods in the warehouse. It is our experience that the overall optimization of the handling of raw materials and finished goods can provide huge competitive advantages.

Below are mentioned some of the manufacturing companies using Axacon WMS.

Klokkerholm Karosseridele

Klokkerholm manufactures and distributes bodywork parts for almost any type of passenger cars for the European market. The company has  21.000 m2 warehouse, and more than 26.000 product numbers covering almost 1.000 different car models. 

”Overall, we are proud that we with Axacon WMS today run our warehouse in an exemplary manner”, says logistics manager Henning Mejlholm. ”We are able to handle all the assignments we get, we just had a sales record, and we can easily keep up if we get more assignments. So, our sales department can just bring it on, they will not be able to crash the warehouse, we can keep up, no matter how much they sell”.

Vital Petfood Group, VPG

VPG is one of the leading companies in Scandinavia in the petfood industry. Since 1997 VPG has been specialized in the private label concept in all feed categories. VPG has factories in Aarhus and Ølgod and is a Danish owned production company. VPG's slogan is: "Quality ensured products, rationally on time."

”We have worked with Axacon since 2010, which has greatly improved efficiency in our warehouse in Hasselager. Axacon WMS runs completely as it should. I think this is because of not only the strength and stability of Axacon WMS, but also the close cooperation we have had with the people at Axacon. They are super competent and a pleasure to work with.” Carsten Lund, Warehouse Manager.


FIPROS has locations in Denmark and Sweden, and manufactures food ingredients for food to Scandinavian and North European food manufacturers. FIPROS has intense focus on food safety and high quality in tasks such as powder manufacturing and liquid foods.