It is possible to achieve substantial cost savings in warehouse operations with Axacon WMS. Companies obtain great competitive advantages.

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Warehouse solutions to benefit the bottom line

Do you need an efficient warehouse management system that will optimize your warehouse in an easy and clear manner? With a warehouse management system from Axacon you will get solutions on warehouse and logistics that will help your employees and benefit your bottom line. We provide help on development, implementation and day-to-day operation of warehouse management systems, regardles of industry and size. We deliver solutions tailored to your warehouse. We have know-how and specialists with many years of experience within warehouse logistics, which means we provide a world class warehouse management system.

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Warehouse management for many industries

Axacon has for nearly 20 years developed warehouse management solutions for many industries
– a number of customers have been with us from the start and achieved great efficiency improvements.


An industry with tough competition where efficiency improvement in all areas is important in order to earn money.

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Axacon WMS meets the strict requirements of traceability described in FDA 21, part 11.

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Many wholesalers need to increase the margins of their business. Axacon WMS streamlines and simplifies the workflow, so you gain full control of your warehouse. 

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Axacons WMS focuses specifically on management of commodity warehouses, handling of semi-finished goods, production of new goods and classification of new goods in the warehouse.

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Axacon WMS ensures traceability and handling of expiry dates on food.

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The retail business exists in a changeable market and is pressured by growing expectations. Therefore, warehouse optimization and focus on internal logistics processes are a crucial factor.

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Axacon WMS handles assortments and keeps track of variants, and thus provides the clothing industry with the ability to efficiently control the warehouse and achieve great competitive advantages.

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The customers' requirements to webshops are high, and customers choose a different shop, if delivery is not done quickly and correctly. A lot of webshops have many small orders, and a lot of time can be saved by picking several orders at a time.

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Axacon WMS solutions with high service level

When we handle your warehouse management not only do you get an easy-to-understand warehouse management system, you will also get reliable service. In practice that means, we are here when you need us. We take pride in fast response times, and ensuring your access to specialists throughout the entire operation time. We assist you all the way from idea, implementation to ongoing operation and maintenance. With Axacon you can rest assured that we understand your need for an efficient warehouse management system. If you want to learn more about your warehouse management options, please contact us.

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Axacon offers a WMS basic solution containing common warehouse functionality.

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